Welcome To My Front Door

Welcome To My Front Door
"Welcome To My Front Door"

Saturday, 31 March 2012

DIY Mirror Frame

Items you will need
Hot clue sticks
foam board
Craft paint

I purchased everything at the dollar store......So to get stared find the center of the foam board, place mirror on the back side of the board and trace around it. Then I used a ruler and a exacto knife to cut a nice straight line 1/2 inch smaller then the mirror line. Then the fun step, use your glue gun to make  random shapes on the board, you could also use white craft clue, longer drying time...I have no patience for that. Once you have the desired look and the clue is dry. Paint it the color of your choice. I used black craft paint, you could also spray paint it. After the base coat is dry I used a off white color on the raised area's with a dry brush....The mirror you get at the dollar store comes with double sided sticky tape, it works well.....So stick your mirror on and presto you have a framed mirror that cost about $3.00 to make!