Welcome To My Front Door

Welcome To My Front Door
"Welcome To My Front Door"

Saturday, 31 March 2012

DIY Mirror Frame

Items you will need
Hot clue sticks
foam board
Craft paint

I purchased everything at the dollar store......So to get stared find the center of the foam board, place mirror on the back side of the board and trace around it. Then I used a ruler and a exacto knife to cut a nice straight line 1/2 inch smaller then the mirror line. Then the fun step, use your glue gun to make  random shapes on the board, you could also use white craft clue, longer drying time...I have no patience for that. Once you have the desired look and the clue is dry. Paint it the color of your choice. I used black craft paint, you could also spray paint it. After the base coat is dry I used a off white color on the raised area's with a dry brush....The mirror you get at the dollar store comes with double sided sticky tape, it works well.....So stick your mirror on and presto you have a framed mirror that cost about $3.00 to make!

Friday, 30 March 2012

From Trash To Treasure

In my small town people put out stuff for garbage that they should be taking to our local Salvation Army....I pick it up, some stuff I take to Sally Ann, some I take home....Like this little treasure....I guess for somebody they may think its trash, I think its treasure...It was a ugly green color. So I started off by painting it black, After it dried completely, I brushed a little white paint on the raised areas....And this is my little treasure I will put in my craft room, as soon as the walls are painted. With any luck that will be this weekend...Keep your fingers crossed for me!LOL 

Kathleen's Crafts and Home Decor: Some Fun With Left Over Eggs

Kathleen's Crafts and Home Decor: Some Fun With Left Over Eggs: I needed something for the inside of my back door...So with some left over plastic eggs I used decoupage to apply the flowers, then...

Some Fun With Left Over Eggs

I needed something for the inside of my back door...So with some left over plastic eggs I used decoupage to apply the flowers, then added some bling.... I strung the eggs with ribbon in pastel colors..... Easy door handle decoration! I like the way they rattle when the door opens and closes!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Question to my circle of friends

I have a question to my circle of friends.....Since I'm new in the blogging world, there is still a lot I need to learn. I recently picked up blogging for dummies! LOL.....So my question is, am I doing something wrong to add people to  my circle or do you add yourself's ? I have added my self to other bloggers site...So I guess my concern is doesn't any one want to be in my circle or am I doing something wrong? Please let me know, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you.

My Sons Bed Room He Decorated Himself

Its hard to decorate a boys room when they have so much going on in there Lives...All there likes can clutter a room very quickly.....My son likes books, many different sports, music and of course video games..That did not make it into his room! He made a good choice in the paint color, Its CIL's pebble drift, Its the one with the built in primer I have never used it before...we will see how it stands up.
 The bedding and the ceiling light are from Ikea.....very good prices, I think the two purchases came to $45.00 .The curtains are from Giant tiger at $20.00. The ceiling light is pretty cool you can move it around to any direction you want, it can look like a square if you like. So for very little money he has a room that will grow with him until he goes of to college.Of course he will  make changes to the things he puts on his walls as he gets older. And the rate of his growth we will need to get him a double bed soon! 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cheap and Cheerful Easter Wreath

Once again my handy dandy dollar store....I purchased the eggs that already had the holes drilled out $1.25. (Faster).
I already had 20 gauge wire on hand. You can purchase it from the dollar store in the handy man section $1.25. Ribbon two sizes $2.50. Strung the wire through each hole I double up my wire, you don't have too, but if you want to make it bigger its a good idea to. Makes it sturdy....Added large 1.5 inch ribbon to make the bow. 1 inch cut into 3 inch pieces and tied the at each egg....And  easy breezy lemon squeezy you have a $4.50 wreath.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

My Kitchen Clock

So I had this clock hanging in my kitchen, I found a little boring.....I looked at that at it at least 6 times a day thinking nice clock, boring wall.....my local dollar store had this peel and stick black board I purchased some time ago and didn't know what I was going to do with it.  I thought I would just replace the clock with the black board and keep notes for the family.....Good idea if it was being used for that but my kids and their friends would draw stuff on it and right things they thought were funny, and of course the fighting who was going to do the graffiti was one of my favorite things to watch.... "SARCASM". I had to stop the madness. And I missed the clock...have you ever tried to take off peel and stick??? Not easy, I was taking pieces of the wall with it. I thought my husband would think that was very humerus in our new home that he build. so as you can see I left it there and to eliminate any arguing over who was going to draw what....I placed numbers with chalk all over it told the kids it was art and not to be touched! I now have my clock back peace and harmony in the house and I don't think the wall is boring any more!~

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Making a few changes for each season

FallMy favorite time of year I love everything about it, the colors, the crunching of the leafs when you take a walk, the smells of  roaring fires coming from the chimney tops. A few changes in your house for each season doesn't have to be hard or expensive.  I just make a few changes throughout my home. Like the tables my bathrooms. Little nooks where you can add the smallest little thing to make a big changes.
Winter: Time to be like a bear and hibernate at least that's what I think.  Make your house a cozy as you can lots of pillows and comfy blankets throughout your home make it warm and inviting.
 Spring: Spring everything is coming to life, a few dried branches or a vase filled with tulips can make a room come to life for very little money. I added a cushion in the apple green color that I like so much.
Summer: summer is the time of year for plants lots of greenery and minimalist, you don't want a lot of stuff hanging about.  Put the clutter away no one wants to spend the summer cleaning nick knacks....I think the less stuff you have hanging around the cooler your house will seem. And everyone wants to be cooler on those hot summer days. 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The First Day Of Spring

The fist day of spring....For most people spring is a new beginning, new things coming to life...Grass is turning green the bulbs are coming out the earth, buds on the trees. We can open our windows and let all the fresh air into our homes listen to the birds singing. People coming out of hibernation walking there dogs riding there bikes ....it truly is a magical time of the year for most.....I wish I could feel all the good things that everyone else feels the fist day of spring, but for me it is a very sad day. 5 years ago today my son took his life....I miss him everyday, but today is just a ugly reminder that another year has gone bye that he hasn't been in my life. for 28 years it was David and I against the world, I was a teenager when I had him he was born prematurely and with that came some mild brain damage he had cerebral palsy.  Every day was a fight for him.. but it never broke his spirit. He went through life with teasing from other kids stares from other people....He didn't let it get him down, he was always happy and friendly with everyone.
I guess the happiness went out of him that day!
RIP my dear David. 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

"Spring Is In The Air"

Mount Tremblant

We have been away for a few days in Mount Tremblant for the march break.  There is nothing better then getting away for awhile to forget all the problems of life......much  needed R&R.  I haven't been there in a couple years forgot how beautiful it is.  I could have spent days going in and out of all the shops, but I don't think my kids would appreciate that. I have decided I need a store, someplace I can change the window displays and the decor inside the store....There is only so many times I can change up the house before my husband get's mad...lol.  One can only dream! Happy to be back I got some inspirational ideas while going through the shops. Will share soon!
"Happy Crafting"

Thursday, 15 March 2012

$3.00 Message Board

I made this message board with a cookie sheet purchased at the dollar store..... I added some paper also purchased from the dollar store. On the sides I hot clued heavy duty jute twin also from the dollar store, I started at the bottom of the sheet with the jute and glued around until I reached the top.Makes a interesting frame for the board...I hot glued magnets to the back of the spring paper clips. I also found at the dollar store I don't know what life would be like without the dollar store..LOL. You can add a hook to the back like I did to hang on the wall or you can drill a hole through the sheet......I think its a great message board!

Make your own cherry blossom tree

 Make your own cherry blossom tree. I went into my back yard and found some loose branches.  I had this pink tissue paper on hand you can purchase it anywhere I get mine from the dollar store.  fold the tissue paper up so you only have to cute once.  I just free handed this flower. Then cute it out.... Doubling up the paper makes it so much easier.

 Pinch the paper so it looks like a bloom...I used hot glue, please watch your fingers on this project, the tissue paper is so thin.
 Hot glue the blossoms to the branches and you have a good looking cherry blossom tree! Happy Crafting
 I found this brown lamp at a yard sale....they didn't want any thing for it...I wasn't passing up free!            
 I had it hanging around for a while I new I would eventually get to it,  I didn't really know what I wanted to do with it. I was doing my spring cleaning and came across the lamp, I thought if I don't do something with this now  it will sit around for another year...I had some antique white paint on hand, So I painted it white.
 Found this white lamp shade also spring cleaning so I painted it black, put some black and white trim then added white beads to the trim! Now that I'm looking at it I think I will do the same on the top......
Stay tuned for the final result!!!!   

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Has this ever happened to you?

Has this ever happened to you?

OK so my blog was down for a couple of days from something I did....Im new at this, mistakes happen right. I have no idea what I did, just hope it doesnt happen again."fingers crossed".
My husband the hero saved the day. I was really surprised at how sick I felt that a couldn't blog.....Has this ever happened to you? Please share your stories.
So I'm back spring is in the air and all is right in my world again...Thanks again hubby for  getting me out of a jam! :)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

This is were I get creative!

This is where I get creative or try too! I was looking at a blank wall, not very inspiring. I needed to get creative without blowing the bank so off the my trusty dollar store I went. I found these great cork boards 3 for  $1.00. So $9.00 later. Not true, who can go into the dollar store and just purchase one item? NOT ME!!!!  So after an hour or so I came home to get busy on my boring wall. It was the easiest project I've ever done....I nailed these on just in case I ever wanted to change it up.  I only needed to cut 3.  I did this along the bottom, not as noticeable. cutting cork board is very easy I used a ruler and a blade to score it a few times and done.  I also purchased the ribbon and the tacks at the dollar store.  I ran the ribbon along the seams and used the tacks at each point again I could have clued them down but didn't want to make it permanent in case I want to change it up in the future...End result I love it!!! I can put picture of things that make me smile like my kids and my dogs, and pictures of crafts I want to do.
PS...It's never this tidy!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

"My Favorite Spot In My House"

This is one of my favorite spots in my home......I love it because everything that's on this wall has deep meaning for me. Like the clock on the wall my father made for me. The dresser and the little pig was from my mother in law's house whom is no longer with us.  The candle sticks and the little clock sitting on the dresser are from my sister in law and she was also a good friend, she passed away 4 years ago. The large candle stick on the floor was from my son who also passed away 4 years ago.  The grate on the wall was from my grandmothers house. My cousins and I used to play with it a lot when we were young, we would take it out of the floor and stick our legs or better hang upside down with our heads hanging out. It was a opening to the down stairs kitchen, so the fun we would have giving the adults in the room heart attacks when we would stick our heads way out with someone hanging onto our feet....So much fun!!!  I know most of it sounds sad because the people are no longer with us....put it not sad, it makes me smile everyday! 

Great art for a boys room on the cheap!

I Started this project with 6 canvases $.1.00 each, Peel and stick wall stencils 6 in a package $1.25, Decoart paint color tan $1.00...I brushed on 3 coats of the tan color on the canvases, wait in between coats to dry. once they are dry I used white craft glue on the back of the stencils before applying to the canvases. Not needed but I wanted the extra durability. you can also cover canvas with mod podge or any other type of finish.
For $8.25 I have a great look for my sons room who is a sports fanatic!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Creative lamp shade

This lamp shade was very plain, I liked the lamp hated the shade.  I didn't want to spend any more money buying a new lamp shade because there is one thing I am is CHEAP....So I had to get creative, I got ribbon and a broach. I started to play around with it until I got what I liked.  I used 3 different types of ribbon all purchased at the dollar store.....the broaches I had from my mother in law. This total project cost $3.00.