Welcome To My Front Door

Welcome To My Front Door
"Welcome To My Front Door"

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Making a few changes for each season

FallMy favorite time of year I love everything about it, the colors, the crunching of the leafs when you take a walk, the smells of  roaring fires coming from the chimney tops. A few changes in your house for each season doesn't have to be hard or expensive.  I just make a few changes throughout my home. Like the tables my bathrooms. Little nooks where you can add the smallest little thing to make a big changes.
Winter: Time to be like a bear and hibernate at least that's what I think.  Make your house a cozy as you can lots of pillows and comfy blankets throughout your home make it warm and inviting.
 Spring: Spring everything is coming to life, a few dried branches or a vase filled with tulips can make a room come to life for very little money. I added a cushion in the apple green color that I like so much.
Summer: summer is the time of year for plants lots of greenery and minimalist, you don't want a lot of stuff hanging about.  Put the clutter away no one wants to spend the summer cleaning nick knacks....I think the less stuff you have hanging around the cooler your house will seem. And everyone wants to be cooler on those hot summer days. 

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