Welcome To My Front Door

Welcome To My Front Door
"Welcome To My Front Door"

Friday, 20 April 2012

"Object De Art"

One of these sphere's cost hundreds of dollars and the other two cost 50 cents ....Can you tell which one???? Of course you can, but all it took was a Styrofoam ball, bamboo skewers and silver spray paint and you have a piece of art and saved yourself s a few bucks!!! lol 

Long time no blog!

Hi Everyone.....Long time no blog.
Some of you may have notice or not, that I haven't been blogging lately,  I for for several years I suffer from depression. After my sons death I also suffer from anxiety.  I know lots of  people do, but don't like to talk about it..I was one of those people. But because I didn't,  I lost a lot of friends. When I couldn't get out of bed to answer their phone calls or call them back after leaving a message they took to mean I wasn't interested ..."Not true"!!!....I just couldn't stand myself and didn't want to face the world. So I set up a cocoon in my bed and would stay there however long it took to feel better. I take meds for depression and anxiety, but some times they just don't work. So to all my new friends in the blogging world I hope you understand...I am back to read your blogs and I hope you will read mine!!!!

Monday, 9 April 2012

A Beautiful Sun Set From My Back Yard

Picture taken from my back yard Easter Sunday April 8, 2012

My first Bracelet

I'm not much of a jewelry maker but I see other peoples jewels and see how beautiful they are...So I thought I would give it a try....Not to bad for my first bracelet!   

Friday, 6 April 2012

My Cousin Angela's Idea's

I wish I could take credit for this great idea but I can't...My cousin Angela comes up with the coolest ideas, she has two kids of her own and takes in day care kids, and she still finds time to do things like this for them....I wish I'd had a care giver like that.
PS...More to come.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Dip & Dye: DIY Easter Egg Decorations - CityLine

Dip & Dye: DIY Easter Egg Decorations - CityLine

A reclaimed Box

I did this project a few years ago....I thought I would share with you. It started out a plain wood box. I fist painted it black, then put on a crackle medium. after it was dry I painted it white....I hated it. I tucked it away somewhere for awhile. I stumbled across it one day and yes I still hated it. I used a stencil and some kind of medium that was the in thing back then, to make raised stencil....If any one remembers what it is please comment... Then I used a copper color on the stars, and used a  stain on the rest of the box. I like it now. I'm glad I didn't toss the box!

My Try At Water Color

This was my try at water color.....I don't think I will be doing it again. But it was fun to try. I framed them.....Not sure what to do with them now!!!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Update on the recycled earrings

Update on the recycled earrings....Once the mod podge is set you can remove the plastic backing.(who new?)
Seed beads complete!
I did that to these and noticed there were empty spots around the edges, so I cut them off. It made the earring a little smaller so I think the moral of this story is.......make them bigger then the size you want. Once you remove the backing you can cut them down to the size and shape you want. I'm now working on beads....Stay tuned!

Steven and Chris

Steven and Chris

Steven and Chris | Easy DIY Art Projects

Steven and Chris | Easy DIY Art Projects

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Turn Your Recycle Items Into Jewelry

Items you will need:
mod podge
craft knife
sanding block
pop or water bottle
decorative paper

Cut the top and bottom off your bottle, I found it works well with the knife, then slice the bottle in half.  I used a small bottle of craft paint to make my circle onto the plastic. Trace around the bottle with a none permanent marker. Then cut it out using scissors.  I used a sanding block around the edges just to even them out. Then apply mod podge the back side, the side that's curved.  press down on the opposite side  using a brayer or a pen will do anything to remove the air pockets.  Let dry.....I waited an hour. I dont have a hole punch  with  multiple sizes, so I used the knife to make a small hole then sanded down the ruff edge. Add the earring and you have yourself  jewelry that cost virtually nothing put stuff you put in the recycle box.
You can also use paper napkins....fun if you had Easter themed napkins. or you could use fabric, old sheet music, newspaper. what ever you imagination can dream up....Have fun!
This pair I used left over yarn...mod podge the back side just like the first pair.then roll up your left over yarn, this yarn is very thin or you could use thread in multiple colors. Then use the mod podge on the back side coating it very thick...This one takes time to dry, ever 30 minutes or so I would remove any air pockets.  
24 hours later I went back to it to finish the earring, I placed a bead on this pair! Another pair of earrings that cost nothing more then salvaging stuff from the recycle bin!!!

Doily Easter Basket

This Easter basket was made with a old doily. It was full of stains I couldn't get out so I dyed it. I didn't have fabric dye on hand so I used blue food coloring paste in hot water.....It worked like a charm. Who new?
Once the doily was dry I socked it in fabric stiffy and molded it in a stainless steel bowl, I don't think it matter's what kind of bowl you use. I let it dry overnight.....And I now have a cute little Easter basket. I also used food coloring for the eggs, in pink!
This one was made with sugar, water and food coloring.....