Welcome To My Front Door

Welcome To My Front Door
"Welcome To My Front Door"

Thursday, 15 March 2012

$3.00 Message Board

I made this message board with a cookie sheet purchased at the dollar store..... I added some paper also purchased from the dollar store. On the sides I hot clued heavy duty jute twin also from the dollar store, I started at the bottom of the sheet with the jute and glued around until I reached the top.Makes a interesting frame for the board...I hot glued magnets to the back of the spring paper clips. I also found at the dollar store I don't know what life would be like without the dollar store..LOL. You can add a hook to the back like I did to hang on the wall or you can drill a hole through the sheet......I think its a great message board!

Make your own cherry blossom tree

 Make your own cherry blossom tree. I went into my back yard and found some loose branches.  I had this pink tissue paper on hand you can purchase it anywhere I get mine from the dollar store.  fold the tissue paper up so you only have to cute once.  I just free handed this flower. Then cute it out.... Doubling up the paper makes it so much easier.

 Pinch the paper so it looks like a bloom...I used hot glue, please watch your fingers on this project, the tissue paper is so thin.
 Hot glue the blossoms to the branches and you have a good looking cherry blossom tree! Happy Crafting
 I found this brown lamp at a yard sale....they didn't want any thing for it...I wasn't passing up free!            
 I had it hanging around for a while I new I would eventually get to it,  I didn't really know what I wanted to do with it. I was doing my spring cleaning and came across the lamp, I thought if I don't do something with this now  it will sit around for another year...I had some antique white paint on hand, So I painted it white.
 Found this white lamp shade also spring cleaning so I painted it black, put some black and white trim then added white beads to the trim! Now that I'm looking at it I think I will do the same on the top......
Stay tuned for the final result!!!!