Welcome To My Front Door

Welcome To My Front Door
"Welcome To My Front Door"

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

This is were I get creative!

This is where I get creative or try too! I was looking at a blank wall, not very inspiring. I needed to get creative without blowing the bank so off the my trusty dollar store I went. I found these great cork boards 3 for  $1.00. So $9.00 later. Not true, who can go into the dollar store and just purchase one item? NOT ME!!!!  So after an hour or so I came home to get busy on my boring wall. It was the easiest project I've ever done....I nailed these on just in case I ever wanted to change it up.  I only needed to cut 3.  I did this along the bottom, not as noticeable. cutting cork board is very easy I used a ruler and a blade to score it a few times and done.  I also purchased the ribbon and the tacks at the dollar store.  I ran the ribbon along the seams and used the tacks at each point again I could have clued them down but didn't want to make it permanent in case I want to change it up in the future...End result I love it!!! I can put picture of things that make me smile like my kids and my dogs, and pictures of crafts I want to do.
PS...It's never this tidy!

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